How to add a vertical menu to your WIX website?

How to add a vertical menu to your WIX website?


For the photographer template, I wanted to add a kind of creative twist to the website. Instead of sticking to the most common horizontal menu, I was looking for a vertical menu.

Because it makes a difference what kind of photographer the client is, the vertical menu allows adding as many menu items as needed. A portrait photographer may only need a portfolio and contact page, while a travel photographer may need to add the different countries travelled to as sub-items.

How can I add a vertical menu to WIX?

1. Click on Add + from the left side of the Editor.

2. Click on Menu.

3. Click on Vertical Menus.

4. Click or drag your selected menu to add it to your website.


How to add a vertical menu

Customizing the Menu Design

Drag the menu to the desired position.

Click on the Layout Menu to adjust the text of each menu item. Should text be displayed on the left, in the middle or on the right side?

The Design Icon allows you to adjust the colours, shadows, opacity and borders.

An alternative to the vertical menu is to add a lightbox or a pop-up.

How do I add a Lightbox as a menu

You can skip the read and watch the video from WIX:
To create a vertical menu with a lightbox, delete your existing menu from your website.

Click + Add in the editor on the left, then Interactive. S

Select a Lightbox template from Welcome or Subscribe.

How to add a popup menu to your Wix website

Customizing the Pop-up Menu Design

Click on Settings: Automatically display lightbox on pages set on „no“. 

To be able to close the Lightbox keep the „X“ and don’t delete it.

Add a Vertical Menu to your Lightbox and adjust the design.

The Lightbox Layout allows you to position the Lightbox on the left or right side.

Customize the background with the Design Icon.

Lightbox settings
I hope you found this article helpful. Leave a comment below if you have further questions.



New update for WiX website template for photographers

New update for WiX website template for photographers


The WiX website template for photographers got a new look! It is now more creative and interactive.

What has changed?

1. Vertical navigation menu created with Lightbox

We changed the horizontal navigation menu to a vertical menu and created it with a Lightbox. Lightboxes appear on your website in a separate window and are therefore a great way to attract the attention of your visitors. The Lightbox is customisable, elements can be added or removed, and even Call to Action buttons can be added.

The Lightbox can be closed or opened by clicking on the „X“ or the hamburger menu.
The new navigation menu makes your site more interactive, which is valuable if you like to keep your visitors longer on your site.

Wix Template for Photographers

The greenish background of the Lightbox can be adapted to the colour scheme of your photos or your company colours at any time also the typography. Additional pages and their links can also easily be added.

2. Show your portfolio in three rows

The Wix Pro Gallery shows now three images in a row instead of two.
That allows you to present even more photos on the first page.

Wix Template for Photographers on all devices

Explore the website to find out more about the features, installation and how it works. We hope you’ll love the new site as much as I do!