The newsletter template for photographers is ready.

What makes a great newsletter?

A newletter is a visuel product. I prefer to read a beautifully designed newsletter instead of black text on a white background.

Keep it simple. Your newsletter is a great tool if you achieve your goals, such as selling your products and services, building a relationship with your customers and gaining more subscribers.


what should be included in a newsletter?

Every good newsletter starts with design.

  • Add headers to make it easy to navigate and to create attention
  • Keep it simple. Add lots of white space, your brand colours and typography.
  • Add your logo 
  • Add Images that relate to your content
  • Structure your layout 
  • Add useful resources.
  • Newsletters are a perfect tool to promote your offerings, new products, courses or news.
  • Add call to action buttons
  • Add your company name and social media buttons to make it easy for customers to engage and follow you.

Canva newsletter template for photographers

Newletter template mockup
Newsletter template page 1