Wix Website Template für Yoga I Mindfulness I Meditation

Wix Website Template für Yoga I Mindfulness I Meditation


Die WIX Website Vorlage Zen Yoga wurde speziell für Spirituelle Coaches, Yoga Lehrer & Studios und Meditationszentren entwickelt.
Dieses spirituelle Template ist modern, farbenfroh und ästethisch.

Das beinhaltet die Webseiten Vorlage:

Wix Vorlage mit Buchungsmöglichkeiten.

  • Home
  • Über mich
  • Kurse
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Kontakt
  • Call-to-Action-Button
  • Responsive Design für Desktop & Mobiltelefone
  • Buchungsmöglichkeit

Wie sieht die Vorlage aus?

Sieh dir die Live Demo Seite direkt an!

cupcake website
Wix Mockup for Cake Shops 2

Colorful Wix Website Design For Food blogger I Cake Shops I Small Businesses

Colorful Wix Website Design For Food blogger I Cake Shops I Small Businesses


A new WIX website template is available in the shop. This template is crafted for cake shops, food bloggers and small businesses and has a happy, colourful and aesthetic style.

What you get:

This template includes more than six pages.

  • Home
  • Cupcakes
  • Courses / Events
  • About
  • Blog

How does it look like?

cupcake website
Wix Mockup for Cake Shops 2

Newsletter template for photographers

Newsletter template for photographers


The newsletter template for photographers is ready.

What makes a great newsletter?

A newletter is a visuel product. I prefer to read a beautifully designed newsletter instead of black text on a white background.

Keep it simple. Your newsletter is a great tool if you achieve your goals, such as selling your products and services, building a relationship with your customers and gaining more subscribers.


what should be included in a newsletter?

Every good newsletter starts with design.

  • Add headers to make it easy to navigate and to create attention
  • Keep it simple. Add lots of white space, your brand colours and typography.
  • Add your logo 
  • Add Images that relate to your content
  • Structure your layout 
  • Add useful resources.
  • Newsletters are a perfect tool to promote your offerings, new products, courses or news.
  • Add call to action buttons
  • Add your company name and social media buttons to make it easy for customers to engage and follow you.

Canva newsletter template for photographers

Newletter template mockup
Newsletter template page 1

New update for WiX website template for photographers

New update for WiX website template for photographers


The WiX website template for photographers got a new look! It is now more creative and interactive.

What has changed?

1. Vertical navigation menu created with Lightbox

We changed the horizontal navigation menu to a vertical menu and created it with a Lightbox. Lightboxes appear on your website in a separate window and are therefore a great way to attract the attention of your visitors. The Lightbox is customisable, elements can be added or removed, and even Call to Action buttons can be added.

The Lightbox can be closed or opened by clicking on the „X“ or the hamburger menu.
The new navigation menu makes your site more interactive, which is valuable if you like to keep your visitors longer on your site.

Wix Template for Photographers

The greenish background of the Lightbox can be adapted to the colour scheme of your photos or your company colours at any time also the typography. Additional pages and their links can also easily be added.

2. Show your portfolio in three rows

The Wix Pro Gallery shows now three images in a row instead of two.
That allows you to present even more photos on the first page.

Wix Template for Photographers on all devices

Explore the website to find out more about the features, installation and how it works. We hope you’ll love the new site as much as I do!


How to use our gift voucher template

How to use our gift voucher template


Gift vouchers are a great option to encourage customers to introduce your business to a new customer. By offering gift vouchers, you can reach out to potential customers you usually don’t reach.


Voucher Zoe's

How do I receive the voucher?

Gift Voucher Zoe's

The new voucher has an aesthetic and minimalist design. Furthermore, it can be easily customized and printed out.

1. Purchase the voucher
2. After that, you will receive the voucher as an Illustrator file in a download link (zip file).
3. Edit the voucher with your pictures, colours and fonts.
4. If you don’t have an illustrator to edit the files yourself, we can make the adjustments for you.

Do you need help?

Purchase the „Customize Logo and Voucher“- listing along with the design. Please also include your information for the front and back of the card in the order notes.

Gift Voucher Zoe's

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