2022 year in review. I am very excited to share some of my projects and clients from the past year! I have continued to develop as an artist, designer and entrepreneur. I am so grateful for my friends and family who support me every step of the way.

2022 – first of all a year of inner growth

Wow! It’s already the end of December. In this article I would like to briefly review what has happened in this year 2022 and introduce you to some interesting new projects I have just been working on.

It has been a great year! I opened an ETSY shop, which was a lot of fun! I also added new projects and clients to my portfolio, which was really great. I have adapted my tasks to the demands and have gained new danish clients as a result.

However, it was also a year with few holidays and no time to travel. Although I had plans to travel more in Denmark, we didn’t go outside our city once this year. This is definitely on my wish list for next year.

Travel if you

Projects in 2022

This summer i had the opportunity to create a website for travel if you. TIY offers trips to Mexico. It was fantastic working with Kelly and having been to Mexico myself, it was interesting to see how Mexico has changed over time.

Ergopur is a Danish manufacturer and online shop for pressure relieving products. Due to a company takeover, the website needed to be redesigned to make it easier and more attractive for customers. The result is outstanding.

Poppin And Vine is a company in the wine trade in the UK. I helped with the implementation of the mockup and build the website in Wix.

Pling is an accounting company in Switzerland and needed help with the implementation of the website in Wix in a relatively short time. The project will be updated step by step.

Anntex creates custom-made carpets and mattresses for your caravan. Annex website needed to be translated from Danish to German. as i have worked with Ann before and it was a pleasure to work on this task.

Alfotech is a Danish supplier of technical components. Alfotech’s website had to be translated into German. As I have already done several translations in the field of web design translations this year, Alfotech was my biggest project.

Templates 2022

I opened an etsy shop

In order to offer websites and branding templates at affordable prices, I opened an Etsy shop. As I have recently noticed that many clients also want to create and customise their own websites in order to be flexible and have control over their external appearance, I wanted to offer DIY templates that can be easily changed at any time. At the moment the templates are available as Wix websites or Canva templates.

I started the Wix Website with en E-Commerce Shop as well as templates for creatives, photographer and coaches.

Wix Website Template für Fotografen
Wix E-Commerce Website Template
Awaken website template mockup

Later I created templates in Canva that can be adapted to the Wix templates or to the current season or saison.

Maja's branding overview

Personal Growth

The Etsy shop was also a good opportunity to find out in which direction I would like to go and which personal style I would like to develop further. getting more deeply involved with Wix and the design possibilities as well as with Canva gave me inner peace and more confidence in working with my clients. My website went through several re-brandings. As a designer I want to constantly adapt my website to the latest trends, which in the end led to me not being able to identify with it anymore. Shortly before the end of the year I decided to adapt a template to my needs and stick with it. Even after two months not all pages have been adapted but my website now gives me the opportunity to grow and develop further.

This year started with a mentor course where I met a lot of like-minded women to give my business more structure.
I also signed up for a lot of courses and ended up with a membership for Skillshare. I tried to learn as much as I can and got a lot of new ideas for new projects. Learning is for me a big part of personal growth.

This was my third year as a freelancer and I was thankful for being able to work from home. Living in a foreign country with two children, a dog and cats is not always easy and that is exactly why it is so important for me to be able to work flexibly and from home.




Schwarzes Herz

Written by Maja Martin

Maja is a web designer based in Denmark with clients from all over the world. She prefers to work with Wix and WordPress and shares her knowledge on her blog. Are you interested in working with her? She would be thrilled to meet you at Zoom for a cup of coffee!